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Psyco Motor Approach - Creative life center

CertificationCourse for Psicomotricita' Educators


1) Beginning of the Certification Course for Psicomotricita' Educators.

First practical workshop focused on personal growth and psychomotor learning

2) Two Intensive seminars focused on personal growth and more advanced psychomotor learning.

3) This is the first of five theoretical workshops. - The history, evolution and philosophy of Psicomotricita'. The two main trends: therapy and education. Introduction, profile and video of a psicomotricta' session.

4) The importance of "rituals" at the beginning and closing of each session. Observation: practice and methods used in psicomotricita'. Detailed description of the certification course in all its parts. A brief comparative analysis of Piaget's stages of development and the areas of the psychomotor approach.

5) The psychophysical evolution of children from birth to seven years of age. Analysis of the areas offered during a psicomotricita' session; their educational purpose and connection to the physical, emotional and mental evolutionary stages of the child. Detailed description of the sensorimotor area, of the deep-reassuring practice and of the area for symbolic play.

6) Detailed description of the area for cognitive development and emotional detachment. The roles of the psicomotricita' educator: attitude, roles and strategies necessary in the various areas of the psychomotor approach. The equipment used during the psicomotricita' sessions.

7) The goals of the psychomotor approach. Keys to empathic listening and non-verbal communication.

Ethics foundations for psicomotricita' educators. Why it is important to keep in touch with children's parents and teachers. Tips for doing this in a successful way. Importance of documenting the activity.

8) Practical and theoretical seminar. On this occasion, supervision will be offered for the videos of students made during their apprenticeship. Practical suggestions will be provided during this seminar on how to lead a psicomotricita' class.

9) Summer

Reggio Emilia (Italy), Summer Institute at the main "Body Studio" Center for psychomotor therapy and education. The exact dates of this Summer Institute will be chosen in mutual agreement with the participants' needs. This Italian stay will be the final part of your training. On this occasion we will be glad to offer you more practical and theoretical workshops, together with a creative art-program learning how to share arts with children and puppet making. Cultural and artistic tours of the city and surroundings will be offered. This Certification Course will end with commencement and a Mediterranean Luncheon to celebrate the newly graduated Psicomotricita' Educators. In case someone will not be able to go to Italy, the final exam and an additional workshop will be offered again in Newport, USA during the Summer.

In addition to the Certification Course, the following individual workshops will be offered in the future:

The theatrical mask (the ego and its counterpart)

Study and construction of puppets

The educational project: methodology of work

Documentation: how to gather, organize and display drawings and photos of psicomotricita' sessions

Fine arts for children: a parallel process of discovery to understand the connection between movement activities and the creative process of drawing. A) discovering textures b) the power of the circle c) learning about topological and space concepts

The art of clownerie: experimenting acrobatic or dramatic movements and clown's disguise